Macomb County French Drain 4″ Pipe vs 6″ Pipe

Macomb County French Drain Install - 4" vs 6" PipeWe’re in Macomb County, Michigan building a French drain system, we’re putting in a 6″ pipe. We started out at 16 inches wide, ended up at 24 inches wide at the end of this run. A 4″ pipe is capable of moving 240 gallons per minute. A six inch pipe will move 550 gallons per minute gravity. That’s gravity just under gravity.

Now we’re actually going to tie the sump pump to the home into our system. Got an end cap on a big 6″ right there is where the sump pump dumps. We’re gonna take care of this problem too. Tie it into our system.

Over here where the trench gets really really large, we’ll run rip rap. We’ve got an oversized hole for a 20 ” catch basin. This is going to really move some water.

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