How to Wire an Outdoor Sump Pump System

How to Wire Outdoor Sump PumpSome of the comments in the comment section, people want to know how do you wire an outdoor sump pump.

We have the inlet for the Baughman High Octane 8-Slot Pipe and then that water will fall to the bottom and we lift it with a half-horse Liberty pump. A lot of people want to know what pumps we like. We like to Liberty and like the half-horse Liberty and you definitely want to order a 25-foot cord. We then take that cord along with the cord for the tether float and in the wintertime that’ll end up getting a thermostat controlled heater as well.

So, oh look a boulder. Okay, so these are mock rocks and there are the electric plugs. So this is all weather. It’s waterproof, but you know we go a step further and we’ll put a mock rock over the top of it and then that way there’s just no way that things getting any moisture and it’s not going to get wet. It’s going to stay dry. We have great results with this.

Now, if you are thinking about putting an alarm on this, a high water alarm, I’m going to tell you right now the high water alarms you do want on a separate circuit because if something happens to that circuit, and there’s a, there’s a bunch of plugs on that. So if this isn’t isolated to where it’s the only thing. Sometimes you go to homes and the box is full, so you’re piggybacking on something. So, the high water alarms, you want them on something else. That way if the GFI gets thrown, the high water alarm will tell you, you know, it’ll still have power to it and it’ll go off and let you know, hey, your pumps not working.

What a high water alarm is. And I’ll show you one, I’ll do a video on one. It has a red flashing light on top and it gives a sound and it has a float. And when the float rises because the water is not being pumped down, something’s wrong with the pump, the alarm goes off, the high water alarm goes off. Well, when something goes wrong with this electrical, there’s going to be no alarm to sound. So that’s why I recommend you put that on a separate circuit. So this is just words of advice from a guy that’s only done it for I think, 33 years now.

All right guys. Well, until the next video.