Sump System Equipped with a Heater for Cold Climates

This is our Micro Bad Seed, built for the north. If you live in a northern climate where the weather gets cold in the winter time, this is the sump pump for you.  The new Micro Bad Seed for the north comes with an M53 one-third horsepower Zoeller, a custom 25 foot cord that Zoeller’s now installing on French Drain Man’s M53s. And it has a heater already installed. This is fully assembled.

Best Sump Pump for Cold ClimatesNow, we do have to ship this in two boxes. That’s right, we can ship this in two boxes. We do not need to ship this on a pallet which eliminates freight costs.  This gives you a full range, whether you want to bring your discharge towards the front, you can spin this and have discharge towards the back. Up, down, it has a full range of motion. You literally just loosen this screw clamp here, and this will turn in any direction for you.

We have an 80 watt heater, takes care of this little unit just fine. And all you need to do is take this coupler that we provide, with two zip ties that we provide, and connect them. It comes in two boxes, delivered right to your door and shipping is included.

It comes with an extra housing riser for the heater so that you don’t have any issues with the heater getting tangled up in the float of the pump. That’s ever so important. We have increased the inlet. We have more inlet now than ever before. As fast as we can pump the water out, this small unit will take it in.

Our Micro Bad Seed comes in two boxes. Assembly requires no tools whatsoever. Two zip ties. It couldn’t be easier.

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