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2022 Micro Bad Seed (Shipping Included)

$550.00 - $685.00
2022 Micro Bad Seed (Shipping Included)
2022 Micro Bad Seed (Shipping Included)

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2022 Micro Bad Seed (Shipping Included)

$550.00 - $685.00
Model Number: fdms-bad-seed-micro
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Manufacturer: French Drain Man
  • Description

It's approximately 24 inches tall  and comes with a 1/3 hp Zoeller M53 sump pump with a 25 foot custom cord.

Comes fully assembled and plumbed with a 1 1/2" (1.5") stubbed discharge for easy hookup. 

Ships in a box so there is no freight required. 

FDM's Fully Adjustable Sump Pump Discharge Line Stub is also included.

Just dig a 24-inch in the depth sump pit and line it with drainage fabric.  Set the Bad Seed on fabric, lay the corrugated pipe and discharge line, and cover with stone.  We recommend 1-3 inch round rock. It's just that easy.

The discharge line IS NOT included.

FDM's NEW Bad Seed for the North Model

FDM's new Bad Seed for the North model includes everything with the Micro Bad Seed AND comes equipped with an 80 watt heater for those living in the northern/colder climates.

Ships in 2 boxes and when the 2 pieces are put together the system is approximately 40-42 inches in length.  

Sump pump heaters only have a 3 month warranty due to the environment in which they are in.

FDM RECOMMENDS watching the Installation Video for best results.

To order more than 1 unit, please contact FDM for shipping information.

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Note: All orders ship within 7 days. 

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