Algonac French Drain System – Macomb County, Michigan

French Drain Algonac - Macomb County, MIWe’re in Algonac, Michigan putting in a French drain system. Now we’re running a French drain down both sides of the property. This property’s extremely flat, it holds a lot of water. The only way we get the water out of here is to basically give it a stone channel that takes it to a storm drain that we built in our shop with a lift pump that would lift the water up out over the sea wall.

The stone and the pipe are not in that trench yet. But the excavation is done and you can see the fabric. Over here we got the pipe and Stone. In the trench. This side of the property has been complete.

Over here we got the pipe and stone in the trench.  This side of the property has been complete. The two pipes run parallel at this point. The trench then becomes 24 inches in width. Each pipe is capable of moving 240 gallons of water per minute, this system is going to evacuate the water during the heaviest rainfalls.

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