Outdoor Sump Pump and French Drain Installation Algonac Michigan

Outdoor Sump Pump and French Drain Installation Algonac Michigan

This is an outdoor sump pump installation to take care of yard water. The backyard is seven inches higher than the front yard. The front yard is made up of about three acres. There was nowhere for the water to go. There are no ditches in the front yard. There’s no storm drainage system here. I see this a lot. There is no infrastructure to take care of stormwater. So when it rains, the water before the system was installed will just stand. In the summertime, in the warmer weather, we’d end up with all types of mosquito larvae, just a large petri dish. The grass would die of root rot, couldn’t mow the lawn. Flooding of the garage, mold build up.

What we did if we ran a French drain system, we basically created a French drain grid in the front yard and ran it to a sump pump basin where we had the French drain pitched to a very deep sump pump basin. Then we lift the water up and over this cement seawall, and then the water just ends up out in the river.

This is February and we’ve seen a thaw here in Michigan, and we have been receiving a lot of water for the last couple of days.

These systems are made to run for not just hours, but days, even weeks. The pumps that I use in my outdoor sump pump installations are the same pumps that I install indoor/outdoor water features that run every day in front of commercial establishments, residential backyards where they want the attraction of a water feature. These pumps are cast iron. They’re There may the run for a very long time.  This pump here moves 160 gallons per minute. It just got done pouring and I was able to get out of my truck and come and shoot this video for you.  But that’s several acres. Several acres of French drain that runs through this outdoor sump pump. And injected in this waterway. And you can see it keeps up just fine.

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