How to Build a French Drain Correctly in Algonac, Michigan

How To Build A French Drain - Algonac, MIHow to build a French drain system is to take an excavator and trench so that the trench itself starts in low spots and slope your way towards the discharge.

Now we like to go 14 inches wide on our trenches. We fill them with coarse washed rock. You want to use loaders to take the excavated dirt. Any tree roots you run into, the excavator can usually cut right through them. If not, an axe  or a good pair of loppers will clear the way.

But do not use a trencher. You want to use an excavator. That’s how you build a French drain. An excavator creates a nice wide trench. That’s going allow you to put a lot of stone in your French drain. The more stone the better the French drain, the longer it’s going to last.

You want to haul out all that dirt. If you don’t haul out all that dirt and you put that dirt back in, it’s going to cause the system to fail within, usually, two years.

How to build a French drain:

  • Start at the low point.
  • Start digging with an excavator.
  • Move the dirt out with a loader.
  • Take it to a dump truck, dump trailer.
  • Haul it off site.

Since you start in a low spot, it’s going to get deep. It’s going to get really deep. The trench is going to be about three feet deep right behind this excavator. We actually are going to take this out to the St. Clair River.

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