Sump Pump Line Installers in North Macomb & Oakland County, MI

Sump Pump Installers - Macomb & Oakland County, MIWe’re putting in a sump pump line in North Macomb County, Michigan. There’s a lot of reasons for the failure of a sump pump line. One, big trees with really, really big roots can actually cause a collapse. In this case, they used a thin wall storm and sewer pipe, and they didn’t use a heavy wall. For all our sump pump lines we run a four-inch schedule 40. It’s really strong. I like the four-inch because when you increase a pipe diameter, you increase the strength that will endure more.

We’re going under the electrical cable now. The sump pump line is going to go under the gas after we go under the city walk as well. When putting in some pump lines, always, always have your utilities marked and be ready to unearth them.

If you’re looking to have a sump pump line installed in North Macomb County, Michigan or North Oakland County, Michigan, give us a call at 258-505-3065.