Installing Indoor Sump System in Oakland County, MI

Here is an installation of one of our indoor sump pump systems. We’re installing one of our very own patented chambered sump systems that decreases sump pump cycling by 80%.

All right, we’re going to replace this backup. They no longer need it. It used to run the backup sump when power would go out for 18 hours, two large deep cell batteries on a trickle charger. This is a standard sump pit. They’re 18 inches in diameter, 24 inches deep. There’s two sump pumps in here, the backup and the one, the primary. We’re going to put in a chambered, sump pump basin and we’re going to make that our primary basin. That’s going to be the one. And I’ll explain as we go through this process why that’s going to be the primary pump. Secondary pump is going to go in the existing sump pit, so I’ll take you guys through a series on how to do this. This’ll cut down how much your sump pump runs, and I’ll explain all those benefits.

Oakland County Sump Pump Installation of Chambered System for Basement Drainage

When the drainage system was put in, this goes through the footer tile, connecting the inside tile to the outside tile. It wasn’t burrito wrapped with our fabric. I just stuck my hand in there and you can see my fingers and pulled out a big glob of clay. So the whole system around this house has clay that has migrated through the stone into the drainage pipe. I think we need to do something with our building codes to make drainage fabric mandatory. And to make clean-outs mandatory because there’s no clean-outs on this drainage system, making it really difficult to maintain.

All right, we took the sump pump runtime from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.  Got the outside drain tile tied in. That’s the footer. You go through the footer inside drain tiles died in, and because we plumbed it in seamless, fittingness, PVC schedule 40, it’s not like the Rigid pipe. I mean, listen how silent that is.

So it’ll run longer. That’s what it’s supposed to do.  So now that’ll go for an extended period of time before it goes out again, but listen how silent that was. I mean, I had to stick the mic down in the sump, just so that you guys could see that it was on. Unlike this, this was the primary before. Now this becomes the primary because we put it in deeper than the original sump. The original sump is now a secondary. So if the day ever comes, say 15 years from now, and that brand new Liberty sump pump finally gives it up, this’ll start running. That’s how this is set up. We’re connected. And we use the rubber compression fittings. Just everything that you guys see us do on the outside and more, we bring indoors now.

Our Chambered Sump System

After decades of being a licensed builder and drainage contractor we thought, there has to be a better way to decrease sump pump short cycling and improve drainage. This is how we created our chambered sump system – out of pure necessity.

We patented everything about this drainage system and we build them right in our Michigan shop. We ship them fully assembled so all the homeowner needs to simply drop it in.

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