Connecting a Sump Pump Discharge Line to Corrugated Pipe

A lot of people in the comments section have been asking, “How do you hook up the discharge to an outdoor sump pump system to corrugated pipe?”

That’s a good question. We have a bushing and we have to pour water on the discharge line. So just regular water, you can work the discharge line in the rubber bushing. Then that rubber bushing very easily goes into the corrugated pipe.

Shop FDMs Bushing for Connecting Outdoor Sump Pump Line to 4 inch Corrugated Pipe

How to Connect a Sump Pump to Corrugated PipeSo now usually we’ll take some stainless steel screws and we’ll put three of them in like the points on a triangle and it holds it. Don’t have to worry about it. Now don’t go to corrugated pipe right away. Make sure you get pumped up and out of wherever you’re trying to get the water out of. Make sure you’re uphill, you stay on the inch and a half. Do not go to corrugated four-inch into your downhill because you don’t want to be pushing all that water uphill in a bigger pipe. But this is how we go from… I like the one-piece schedule 40 inch and a half discharge line. I like it because it’s glueless, fitting-less, leak-proof. You don’t have to worry about the joints cracking, the roots getting in at the joints, all of that, all the things that come with a hard pipe.

I like to have the inch and a half flex and I like to use this bushing. And I like to take it to a point to where I’m finally up at the crest and I’m ready to have the water and send it down towards wherever, whether it’s a ditch, a riverbank, a creek bank, a storm drain. Once I’m to the point to where I’m done pumping this water uphill, I’ll just go to four-inch corrugated and send it. And it’s that easy guys and then there’s nothing more durable, more lasting, nothing that’s stronger than solid corrugated pipe. The French Drain Man’s High Octane, Royal Blue manufactured by the Baughman Tile Company.

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