I just wanted to talk about our sump pump duplex model. The reason why I like our duplex model – and I really liked the Bad Seed for outdoor use – it’s phenomenal. I like putting each pump on a separate breaker so that I don’t have to worry if a breaker gets thrown, somebody’s yard is not going to flood because you have the backup. And these sump systems are super easy to test to make sure that they’re still working. I recommend that you have a lit plug plugged into the outlet to test it. And that way you’ll know that it’s always running. You can buy these little LED nightlights and just plug it in. If it goes out, you know you don’t have power to your pump. So those are some of the tricks that I use.

Sump Pump with No Check Valve? Introducing Duplex Bad Seed

Sump Pump System Without a Check Valve?

I don’t build with check valves. A check valve is going to take out a pump. When it goes bad and it’s not, will it go bad, it’s when. They always go bad.

And when they go bad that water back washes into some system, the pump gets turned on and this just keeps on happening. Water gets pushed into the line. It turns off the water, just comes right back when the check valve goes bad. So I like the Bad Seed because the Bad Seed allows for a lot of backwash. Meaning I don’t have to have a check valve. I literally can build them with no check valve. The water that I’m pushing uphill, when it turns off, there’s always going to be water in the line on the uphill part of the line.

Now, as you crest and you start to break and it starts to drain downhill, you’re fine. But whatever’s in the line on that uphill push, if you don’t use a check valve, it’s coming right back into the system. What’s nice about the Bad Seed you have this chamber, this really, really elongated chamber. And honestly, this is small. This is just for this video. It’s just a demonstration. We normally would put another five, six, 10 feet. But I love the Bad Seed because it’ll take so much backwash and it doesn’t turn the pump back on. Now, once this reaches two thirds full, the pump’s going to run. So that’s why adding more chamber allows you to collect more water before the next cycle. Every pump has only so many life cycles. Every time it turns on, it gets that much closer to the end.

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