This Could be Why the Neighbor’s Yard in Macomb Twp. is Causing You Yard Water Problem

Now here, we’re going to do a French drain across this back yard in Macomb Township. So we have a front French drain, a back French drain, and a sump pump discharge line here.  There is quite a bit going on.

Remember cut your sod thick. And if you can’t get a sod cutter that’ll cut it nice and thick, just take a flat shovel, you know, cut the edges and then take it out piece by piece. That’s manageable. If it’s really dry in the summertime, then run your sprinklers a couple of days so it cuts off real nice and easy for you.  See, then you just keep them, you know, in manageable pieces. So it’s not too hard for you to work with. That’s the key.

Now we’re picking up downspout water from the neighbors, as well as from the homeowner that we’re working for. And we’re dealing with this, you know, we always talk about these pool yards. They generate a lot of work for me. See to code these pool yards, got to shed water away from the pool because of health reasons. We can’t have stormwater going into the pool where people are going to be swimming. It could cause a problem. So that’s the reason for that.

So this here, it holds water and there’s standing water here after the rain, just too flat, there’s slope, but it doesn’t matter because you can’t get the water out of the turfgrass. It’s a deep dig for a sump line below frost. Very nice, very nice. But remember our freeze protection kit. In the event that it froze up over at the storm sewer, say that storm sewer got plugged in it was holding water and winter came and it froze up. So you have your slip bushing, you have the piece that gets you from an inch and a half to three inches. And then right here, if it freezes up on the other end, the water will still find its way out from underneath the house, if it’s a crawl or the basement works pretty well. And then again, our three by four

All right, everybody until the next video.

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