Yard Drainage Contractor, French Drain, Buried Gutter Downspout

Yard Drainage Contractor in Michigan - Downspouts, French Drain & AC unitOne of the things that always causes a drainage problem, believe it or not, is landscape. Here you have the side of the home that drains down to the corner of the lot where there’s a city storm drain catch basin takes all surface water in. But you have this elevated patio that comes up. It really bottlenecks all the water that’s trying to find it’s way to the storm drain catch basin. So what we did is we did a French drain down the side. And also this downspout.

This downspout is on a really, really long gutter run. I mean the trough, I am talking hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. So what we did is to encourage that water to go were it belongs we got away from the structures, and a pop-up emitter is right near the city storm drain catch basin.

Now another thing that we did, is we put in a French drain system around the AC unit. This is like a window wall or an egress window. Very common, so you see the drainage stone in there. We got a pipe that runs underneath the patio.

Any water that has the potential to get in there, it’s not gonna be threatening to the AC unit. Right there is the  pop up emitter.

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