How to Build a Pond / Man-Made Lake

How to dig a pond / man-made lakeWe got a lot done today. I really blew this out. You can see that this is the dirt dam because of the water that filled up. We’ll come back tomorrow and this is going to have a lot of water in it. Is this the way it goes in a couple of days? It’ll, it’ll look just like that.

There has been so much material moved at this point. We’ve now handled, about 30,000 yards of beautiful material. I mean, really, really nice materials. So for this property, it’s quite a property improvement. We’re going to enlarge the pond to a man-made lake status. You can see it, you know, we have Michigan, you know, just the brown clay and then we get down into our gray clay and then we’ve hit like this, it’s sand.

So when you, every time you dig upon, it’s like mining. You mean there are layers of different materials. You can see the different veins right there that we got into. We just have a lot of really nice clean material. You know, it’s gonna be great driveway material and man, what a nice addition to an already banging pond. So I’m really excited to come back next year. We’re gonna take tall fescue grows best in clay like this. I’m not going to put top soil down, it’s not worth it guys. It’s best just to use a tall fescue. It’ll do great and full sun and partial shade out here. It’s gonna be full sun.

So once we get this bank caught, we get everything to where it’s money. We’re going to blow that dam out and we’re going to flood this. Hopefully, we can get that with the drone in the air and me on the ground for you and hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

Once we get this all cut we definitely are going to be back next week to throw a bunch of seed down, tall fescue with straw and it’s going to pop. It’s going to go off this year yet. We want to get vegetation to hold this bank together for us. This is a great time for seed and straw because you got the fall rainy season coming. Then you got the winter melt, then you got the wet spring. By the time this tall fescue sees drought stress, it’s going to be just lush and well on its way. It’s going to be mature enough to withstand our July, August drought season when it swings back around.

All right guys, until the next video.