Why You Need to Enter the Sidewall of a Storm Drain Catch Basin With a French Drain System

Why you need to core a catch basin for French Drain - Macomb Twp., MIWe are installing a French drain system. Just wanted to show you the anatomy of the French drain system. We have a heavy filter fabric that lines the entire trench. We put the pipe at the bottom of the trench, and since we have the fabric in the trench, we can lay the pipe at the bottom of the trench. Then, we put a coarse wash rock over the plate. This is going to move a lot of water.

One detail that a lot of people miss is they put a french drain in and they expect the water to define gravity. Somehow come up out of the ground and into the storm drain catch basin. You have to core and drill. Go ahead and do a tab into the side wall of this storm drain catch basin. So that the water is gravity fed right into the storm drain catch basin. This is the proper way to drain a backyard.

Also I just wanted to point out, these low areas, these collection area. Here’s a great example of, we build these outdoor living spaces in our backyard and all the water has to shed off of them, and then it’s in a highly concentrated swell that we usually share with a neighboring property. This is why we end up with a lot of water in concentrated areas. Usually it’s on the sides of the homes, or, It’s in the back, on the property line.

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