What’s the Right Slope for a French Drain?

What is the correct slope for a French Drain in Michigan?French drain slope. When installing a French drain you have to make sure that you have the right slope. In a case where you don’t have any drop at all but you’re flat, water seeks to be level. You can still work with that. But in most cases, if you have the fall, you want to use the slope to your advantage.

Now, a lot of people don’t consider this, but sometimes you need to slope the French drain trench in two directions. And I’m going to give you an example.  You’re looking at one right now. This trench is sloped and we also have a slope here. So this is not just square edged, that’s because the water’s coming down a very steep hill from a high elevation and it’s moving at a high rate of speed. We want the water to have a chance to fall into the French drain trench so that we can contain the water, and evacuate the water. So when considering the right French drain slope, you have to consider the application. You may need to slope your French drain more than one direction. You may need to add some slope to the entry point if the water’s coming in from the side. And you also need to slope the trench to evacuate the water to the area of discharge.

I Want a French Drain Sloped Correctly the First Time!

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