Sump Pump Installation Innovators in Rochester Hills

Sump Pump Installation Rochester HillsAfter 35 years of providing sump pump installation in Rochester Hills, we thought, there has to be a better way to decrease sump pump short cycling and improve both indoor and outdoor drainage. This is how we created our chambered sump system – out of pure necessity.

Our sump systems are a first in the industry, with a horizontal chamber to displace more water, extend sump pump life and protect your home from flood damage.  We can ship them fully assembled and fully plumbed or the French Drain Man crew can provide full installation of our drainage systems.

Standard Sump Pump Basins Can’t Compete

Have you ever looked at an indoor sump pump basin? Have you ever really looked at the room that’s inside an indoor sump pump basin? Think about this, the water that this displaces is just gallons, as in a single digit. Not 10 gallons, not 15 gallons. It will only take in a few gallons and then it’s going to turn on the sump pump inside it, repeatedly, over and over again. They’re really thin and flimsy and they have no structural strength, no structural integrity at all. It’s the same thing as using a Rubbermaid trash can.

So what’s going to happen when you put a sump pump in this and then you put this outside? You got sheet water off the roof, sheet water off the driveway. With no place to store water, the sump pump turns on, pumps it out, turns on, pumps out. That’s what wears out sump pumps and causes them to short cycle. Ninety nine out of a 100 sump pump failures are in the switch because of this frequent cycling. This standard small basin barely gets the job done inside a basement, let alone outdoors.

French Drain Man’s Duplex Sump System

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French Drain Man’s duplex system has dual wall culvert pipe welded together by the tradesmen of Baughman Tile, half inch inlets throughout, two Zoeller sump pumps and a long chamber on the bottom so that when the water goes up and you lose your primary pump, you’ve got a secondary pump.

This is a patented system. This duplex system is hurricane proof. It has survived nine inches of rain in one rain event. The people that are purchasing these and putting them in their yards are coming back to us and reporting the incredible speed in which their normally flooded lake yard was pumped out. The guys and I have installed these sump pump system all over the great lakes of Michigan, and they will keep up with an angry lake on a windy day with two stories of tall waves coming over the seawall.

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If you need to replace your sump pump, replace it with a system that will extend your pump life by 10 times. Contact French Drain Man at 248-505-3065 to learn more about our indoor and outdoor drainage applications. We ship our chambered systems throughout the U.S. and provide full service installation in Rochester Hills and surrounding local areas in Michigan.