Protect Your Michigan Home by Making Drainage Problems Priority

We’re here at a job site in Southeast Michigan where the homeowner had an inferior drainage system installed.  It was just a little four-inch inlet with a solid pipe out to the lake. It failed. And unfortunately the widow, she ended up with a bunch of water in her basement. This is why we emphasize to treat your water problems as a priority. I say all the time, we’ll spend a ton of money on blinds for our house and beautiful shower curtains and rugs. I understand that. That’s a really good feel good purchase because there’s a visual there. But as a homeowner, there’s nothing that’s more invasive than when water destroys your personal property. Sometimes you have family heirlooms that you can’t replace. So we see this all the time because of the line of work we’re in and the drainage services that we provide.

I can’t emphasize enough to be responsible with your roof run off water. Cut your water at the downspout and don’t let it go 10 feet or 15 feet. You take it as far away from the house as you possibly can. And use a strong pipe. I emphasize on spending some extra money to have the good drainage materials because when this fails down the road, it’s going to cost you thousands. Sometimes tens of thousands, depending on the structural damage and how long it’s been. Water is one of those things where it’s very invasive at times. And then there’s the situations where it’s taxing the foundation and it’s going unnoticed. So it can be a situation where a water problem over years causes you tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage later on.

Run a Camera Through Sump Line Every 5 Years

I see it all the time as a Michigan drainage company. So that’s why I emphasize, spend the extra money on better drainage materials. Take the time to do a better install for a French drain or a yard drain, roof runoff and your sump pump discharge line. So make sure your sump pump discharge line works and works well. Now you may not be having problems with it, but what does it hurt to have a plumber come and run a camera through it ?  Minerals build up and as minerals build up, now the pipe doesn’t displace as much water. So when the rainy season comes, you might end up with a flooded basement over this. So for the health of your overall drainage around your home, I recommend every five years have a camera go through your sump line, see what’s going on there. Don’t wait for failure. Failure can cost you way too much money.

And these insurance companies don’t like to cover that kind of damage. It’s usually quite difficult to get coverage, unless you have an umbrella policy for water damage. Unfortunately, they just don’t cover it typically.  So be very responsible with that water.

DIY Drainage Tips for Michigan Homeowners

I know that clay’s hard to dig. Rent a piece of equipment. Now you can use a trencher for downspouts. I know that I don’t care for a trencher for French drains but for downspouts, it’s okay to run a trencher because the typical trencher only makes a six inch trench.  But that’s all you need to put in a four inch solid of the high octane, solid royal blue.

So you can use a trencher as a homeowner, rent it. I encourage you to do that. And if you don’t want to rent a sod cutter and you don’t want to take the time with a sod, then when you’re done, just go put some grass seed down, put some straw over it and water it and that’s it. Grass is pretty easy. But the three big things you got to watch, your downspouts. You got to make sure that you run them responsibly. And then you just can’t forget about them. You just can’t let life happen and grass grow over that discharge. I see it all the time. The grass grows over the pop-ups. The grass grows over the speedy basins, the six inch speedy basins. It’ll grow over our 9 by 9s. It’ll even grow over a 12 by 12 eventually. So cut the grass out around the discharge location of your roof runoff system.

I can’t emphasize that enough and you should do that once a year. And then again, every five years, have somebody run a camera through your sump pump discharge line, making sure it’s in good health and anywhere that you have water lying near the home that could be a problem, run a French drain or a yard drain or a combination. I’ve made several videos where I show combining a yard drain with a French drain.

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