Perimeter French Drain in Macomb Township, Michigan

Perimeter French Drain - Macomb Twp, MIPerimeter drain. An example of a perimeter French drain, how it evacuates water. We have a pool yard that’s higher than the elevation that’s next door. Water ends up in the neighbor’s yard. We’re putting in a perimeter drain, a perimeter french drain, to catch all that water, and take it directly to the storm drain. On this diagram you could see the circle with the “S”, that’s the catch basin, the storm drain catch basin.

Digging out a really deep trench and we’re going to fill it full of coarse washed rock. That will move water uninterrupted. You can see how the pool yard is elevated, all the water ends up on the other side of the property line. We’re putting in a perimeter french drain. We are tying it into that storm drain catch basin.

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