Michigan Sump Pump Installation in Basement

Our basement sump pump installations are gaining more popularity in Michigan. In our latest project we installed our award-winning patented, indoor sump system known as French Drain Man’s Screamin’ Demon.

We came back yesterday and did the concrete and moved on to another job. So the concrete now is pretty set up. I just wanted to show you guys what the finished product looks like.

Michigan Sump Pump Installation for Basement Drainage

All right, so here’s our Duplex Screamin Demon with 2 half horse sump pumps. We let it sit for a while so we could collect some water. Since we’re so deep in the ground this pump is so quiet. You can barely hear that pump running in the basement. I always have to look at the check valves to even see if they are even running.

When we started putting in these sump pump systems in basements, that was one of the benefits. When you go deeper, you can’t hear the pump run. It’s super quiet. So we have a primary and secondary pump. We had to cut the drywall out, plumb them outside to a big six inch discharge line and we kept the original sump intact.

Prior to our installation, this home in Michigan just had a standard sump pit. It was really small and it filled up quickly and the sump pump would keep cycling on and off repeatedly. When a sump pump keeps cycling on and off , you wear it out. A sump pump only has so many cycles where it can go on and off before it fails.

How Our Sump System Outperforms Standard Systems

So our fully patented system gives you is a giant chamber. It’s much bigger than the small standard sump pump basin that just fills up immediately. With standard systems, the float goes up, the pump turns on, it runs the water out, and this cycle repeats itself over and over and over until you burn up a sump pump.

Extend Sump Pump Life

What our system’s going to do is give you a situation where you have hundreds of gallons of water before it goes on. Now it’s going to run and run. So you’re going to get your money’s worth out of that switch being turned on. We just reduce the amount of cycles. We turn on the pump once versus 20, 30, 40 times. Your sump pump going to last a long, long time.

Strength and Durability

When it comes to water, we love overkill. This chambered system has two half horse pumps and indoor culvert pipe. You can drive a semi-truck over that. No basin is stronger. That material will last 200 to 500 years.

On Site Storage for Water

The chamber also gives you on site water storage. If you have a power outage, you can actually go without power for several hours. This giant reservoir will fill up with water. This buys you time to get a generator from the rental center or possibly get your generator out and get it running.

Deeper Sump System Removes Musty Smell in Basement

Basements smell moldy and musty because all this water is right underneath your house. You’re living over top of all this water.  And 50% of all the residents in the United States have allergies towards mildew and mold spores.

Our system is twice as deep as standard installs. The deeper you go, the further you de-water the sub soil underneath your house which will remove that musty smell from your home.

Michigan Sump Pump Installation Experts

French Drain Man is a Michigan-based sump pump installation company. If you’re looking for an indoor sump pump system that’s going to outperform any other basement drainage system on the market give us a call at 248-505-3065.