Indoor Sump Pump is a Game Changer in Basement Drainage

Indoor Sump Pump is a First in the Drainage Industry

FDM is the leader in Indoor Sump Pump Systems, protecting your family against mold and mildew and your home against flood damage. We’re the the industry leaders in drainage and a company built on doing it right the first time!

We dig deeper so that we can extract more water from underneath your home. You’re sleeping above water. You’re living above water. These cheap, shallow little sump pits that they’re installing only de-water for several inches below your concrete floor. This isn’t good enough. To get rid of all the mold and mildew, that musty smell, those spores, you have to go deeper. You can’t de-water just several inches beneath the floor of your home. Not in our world. We know that the standard sump pump basin is too shallow which is why we build our chambered sump pump system to hold more water.

Indoor Sump Pump is a Game Changer in Basement Drainage

This was brought on by laziness, just drainage contractors not wanting to put in the effort to dig deeper and excavate more so that they can put in a better indoor sump pump system. To make matters worse our international code book doesn’t hold them to a higher standard. When the building departments, when the people that are there and put in place to protect us, the homeowners, the consumers don’t care about de-watering because it’s a gray area. It’s an area that everybody wants to avoid. It is the redheaded stepchild of the service industry will be no more.

Indoor Sump Pump Industry Leader: French Drain Man

French Drain Man continues to change how we de-water our homes and property for better health and for that additional flood insurance

We provide full service installations of our chambered systems for local Michigan residents. Or if you are more of a DIYer and want to save money on the install, our indoor sump systems can be shipped to your door and they arrive fully assembled, allowing homeowners to simply drop it in. It’s that easy! call French Drain Man today at 248-505-3065 for your indoor sump pump needs.

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