French Drain in Yard to Drain Water From Neighbors Property in Macomb Twp., MI

French Drain System on Property Line - Macomb Twp., MIWe’re in Macomb Twp., MI installing a French drain system. As a rule of thumb, in most cases, the side property line is the center of the swale between two homes. If you build out with your landscape or your patio to your property line, then you’re putting all your water onto your neighbor’s property.

In this case. we have a back yard where there has been a patio built out to the property line. The home owner who had contracted us to put in a French drain system, we’re going to evacuate not just their water, but we’re also going to evacuate all the water from their neighbors property that they’ve been dealing with.

This area is always soft, especially after heavy rains. There is actually a downspout off the corner of the house. I don’t know if you can see that but it actually runs tight down the fence line. It ends right there. This area is so hard to maintain, it’s always wet. We’re putting in this French drain system to collect all that water, to evacuate that water, and we are taking it to a catch basin.

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