How to Install a French Drain in Harrison Twp., MI

How To Build a French Drain - Harrison Twp., MIHow to install a French drain system. You want to use an excavator, and you want to remove all the soil. This trench has already been excavated. The soil has been removed and trucked away, hauled out. We have a pipe at the bottom of the trench. The French drain pipe needs to be at the bottom of the trench because that’s where the water is.

The fabric you see, the black fabric, that’s the line the trench and wrap the stone. That’s to prevent the stone from migrating to the sub soil, and the sub soil from migrating into the stone. This is going to be a maintenance free system, it won’t need maintenance.

Now when you watch videos on how to install a french drain, you’re going to see a lot of trenchers. We’re replacing a system that has expired. It was done with a trencher.

How to install a French drain? You want to use an excavator. With an excavator, you can remove enough soil. To put in enough stones to where you move the amount of water, and extend the life of the French drain system. After 31 years of building them with excavator, we have yet to have one expire.

How to install a French drain? You’re looking at how to install a French drain. That is the excavator, that’s the proper way, to trench for a French drain system.

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