Gutter Downspout Run to French Drain Installation, Macomb Twp., MI

Gutter Downspout to French Drain - Macomb Twp., MIWe’re installing a French drain system in Macomb Township, Michigan. Gutter downspouts can be responsible for some soft areas in your yard. Even some standing water. Always look and see how much trough each downspout is responsible for, and you can usually find the one or two, that you need to tie a French drain into.

This trough is the majority of the roof water in the back of this house. The upper peak, all of that water that runs through that trough, that pours onto the lower level. So this main trough, all that roof water, we’re talking thousands of gallons of water, come down this downspout.

Now, what we have done is we have taken this downspout out to a French drain system. We have a 90 coming through the filter fabric that’ll have a pop up emitter installed on that so that the water will come out and just end up in the grass. It’ll then run through the grass into the french drain system. The french drain system, we’ve ran right in the center of the swale in the backyard, and we have taken it to a catch basin.

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