French Drain to Drain Water Between Homes in Macomb Twp., MI

Macomb Twp, MI French Drain InstallationWe’re in Macomb Township, Michigan installing a French drain system. At the other end of this French drain channel is a storm drain. We’re helping the water evacuate quickly. It’s been lying in this swale on that clay pan, saturating the soil, making it difficult to maintain the lot.  Hard for lawn mowing. With children, dogs, it’s tough.

This trench is going to evacuate the water immediately. It’s not going to lie in the swale. Between houses here, we only have 7′ to the property line of the home in this subdivision. All this rooftop water just lays on the clay pan between the homes.

The downspout you can see  would take them right to the channel so that the water can come out of the emitter and run right into the stone of the French drain system. You can see how we bring the pop up through, the filter fabric.  Now we’ll fill this with stone wrap the trench with filter fabric. The emitter will be above the sod so that all the shingle gravel and debris can come out in the grass and not the system. You don’t want a plug in your pipe. This is the proper way of doing a downspout to a French drain channel installation.

We remove the sod. We got 2 1/2 inches of root. We’ll lay that over top of the filter fabric. Once this system is done this is going to be a fully contained system. This French drain system will be maintenance free.

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