What is a French Drain in Macomb Twp., MI

What is a French Drain - Macomb Twp., MIWhat is a French drain? A French drain is an underground means of moving water. So you can draw on surface water of all types, whether it’s from a sump line, downspouts, roof runoff. Just a low area, a soft area, a yard, it’s difficult to mow. It’s not ideal for the children or the pets to be playing or running in. You go ahead and you run a French drain that evacuates the water beneath the surface. It takes care of the water in the soil. Stiffening up the sub soils around it and improving the site.

Here you can see a trench that has been excavated, all that dirt has been hauled away. There’s two pipes, one is for the sump. And the other is for the down spouts, and surface water between a couple of homes.

What is a French drain? A French drain is a channel dug out, pipes put in the bottom of it, washed coarse rock put around the pipes. And then you go ahead and you could either have an open French drain where it’s just stone, or you could put grass over the top of it.

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