French Drain Installation in Royal Oak, Michigan

French Drain System - Royal Oak, MIWe’re in Royal Oak, Michigan, installing a French drain system. The backyard is extremely flat here. The water cannot find its way out. Basically the yard is saturated, the grass is not heavily rooted. There’s root rot and deterioration because of it.

Our French drain main channel is going to be 141 feet. By the time we get down to the curb, we have 26 inches of fall, so the water’s going to move. This is going to be a great gravity system.

We’re at the curb right now, we haven’t dug this French drain channel out yet. We just started it, but we’re done with the fields. So I’m going to take you through system.

Under the fence.  Pretty deep up here on the side of the house, that’s normal. One of the reasons why the water’s having trouble making it’s way out to the road. There is no infrastructure there’s no storm drains back here.

So we have three parallel pipes. One’s already done. It runs behind that tree. Right to the main. We have one in the middle of the yard. And then one up by the sidewalk. We do have a French drain balance tube connecting the three as well.

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