Correct way to install a gutter downspout to French Drain in Royal Oak, MI

Gutter Downspouts Connected to French Drain, Royal Oak, MIWe are in Royal Oak, MI installing a French Drain system.  I wanted to show how we do our gutter downspouts.  Basically, we take them to a pop up. This French drain is done and it’s ready for the grass with 2.5 inches of root to go on there. We have this pop up surrounded by the filter fabric. The sod will lay in here.

This emitter when it rains, this will pop up the water will run out onto the grass. Shingle gravel and debris will end up in the lawn and not in the French drain system.

This is how you do a downspout to French drain. You don’t directly tie in to the main and plug it full of shingle gravel. If you want a maintenance free French drain system. This is how you do it.

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