French Drain Install to Accommodate Landscape Design, Macomb Twp., MI

French Drain to Accommodate Landscape Design - Macomb Twp., MIWe’re in Macomb Township, Michigan installing a French drain system. The backyard that we’re working in is crowned in the middle. The intent when it was developed, all the water to break from the midpoint of the yard to run to the storm drain that’s on the fence line on this side of the yard.  And from the midpoint of the yard for all the water to break and run into a storm drain that’s in the neighbors yard, on this side of yard.

Well, for nearly 20 years now this has been working. This yard has dry, it’s been fine. Well, the next door neighbor planted some evergreen trees for some privacy in the swell damming the water and preventing the water from being able to make it to the storm drain that’s in their back yard.

We’re putting in a perimeter drain. A perimeter French drain along the fence line to catch all this water. We’re going to be really deep where the yard is crownded in the back here. We’re going to take all the water to the storm drain that’s on the property. This home owner now controls all their water, no matter what their neighbor does.

Another reason why I shot this video is this isn’t the developers fault. This isn’t the builders fault. This isn’t the Department of Water and Sewers fault. This French drain, the need for the French drain was because of landscape being planted in the swale.

The good news is, if something like this does happen on your yard, in your neighborhood; on your lawn; next door; you buy a house as previously done; you don’t want to cut it all down; it’s beautiful; and its giving you privacy; a French drain will fix the problem.

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