French Drain Filter Fabric For Residential & Commercial Drainage System

French Drain Filter Fabric For Residential & Commercial Drainage SystemI’m in Macomb County on Hall Road. They’re putting French drains underneath the new road. They’re redoing Hall Road and there’s a lot of money being spent, and they’re doing it the right way.

Now the fabric that we use in our French drains we always try to educate our clients and tell them, look, you don’t want to use a landscape fabric. A landscape fabric does not drain. Weed barrier, fabrics that are meant for structural strength behind a retaining wall. Things like that. They’re not intended for French drains.  So, you want to buy a filter fabric that’s intended for a drain system. This is the same fabric that we use.

They’re running six-inch. And it looks like they got it spaced out 15-20 feet and they are putting a bed of sand down.  Over top this, they’re gonna put a highway fabric and they are going to lay the limestone stone down and then roll that, compact that and then pour the concrete over it.

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