French Drain Fabric in Macomb Twp., Michigan

French Drain Fabric - Macomb Twp, MIFrench Drain Fabric. Fabrics, that’s a whole world in itself. Just to kind of give you the one on one, fabrics have different ratings. If you just run in and grab a landscape fabric, for say, weed barrier, and use that in a French drain, that’s not gonna let the water through. So it’s not going move any water. You want to work with the fabric that’s really heavy and allows the flow of water.

The fabrics that we use, we’re going to move 90 to 140 gallons per minute through a square foot. That’s what we target. We like a real heavy fabric. It’s like a quilt. That way, it doesn’t biodegrade. If you go with a thin fabric, it could have the same rating. It ends up decaying, biodegrading, and just within a couple of years, you have the subsoil migrating into your coarse wash rock and your french drain system and it’s slowing the system down. Eventually, the system fails.

So when choosing a french drain fabric make sure to get a heavy fabric that’s rated for 90 to 140 gallons per minute.

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