Do French Drains Really Work When They’re Built Right?

Do French Drains Really Work When They're Built RightJust wanted to show you how much stone we put up on a French Drain System.  The more stone, the better the drain. The more stone, the faster you’re going to evacuate the water, the more stone, the longer the drain lasts

As you can see our trench is completely filled with stone, we don’t put any of the dirt back in. Now, this was not created with a trencher, this was dug out with an excavator. To be able to have a channel stone like this to build a french drain like this, you can’t use a trencher. You’re going to end up with one-tenth of the stone. All the contractors that are using the trenchers, you know that because the pipe’s four inches wide, and the trencher is going make a six-inch groove.

So you end up with an inch of stone on each side of the pipe. They put a little stone on top of the pipe after that. And then most of the time, they don’t have a means of hauling away the dirt. And they don’t want to go through the effort of hauling away the dirt.

So they push it back in on top of the stone. So now you don’t have to buy as much fabric for the trench. You don’t have to buy as much stone, and you’re not paying for haul away. So, the contractor ends up making away with the home owner’s money. Every French Drain failure happened at the install. I can’t stress that enough.

We build a French Drain System to last. We build a French drain right the first time.

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