DIY French Drain Project Having The Right Materials Matter – The French Drain Man

DIY French Drain Project Having The Right Materials MatterWe’re in Macomb Township, Michigan installing a French Drain System. All of the water was running off this elevated patio into the planting bed area, making a mess of everything. The bark was floating away. The plants were going to die. Basically, no oxygen in the soil kills the plants. A lot of plants don’t like wet feet. So we moved the plants over, we put in what’s going to be an open French Drain. The water’s just going to run right in.

Make sure when installing a french drain to always use a pipe that does not have a sock or sleeve on it on it. You want to wrap the trench completely, all the stone and pipe as one, you want to wrap that and not just have fabric on the pipe, that won’t do.

We have it going to the storm drain system. In between the houses, it’s always a low spot. It’s always a trouble area So this greenbelt was always saturated.  We’re gonna be able to dry that off, pull moisture from the subsoil. The quicker you move water the less saturation to the subsoil you’ll get. That’s why having the right stone, having the right fabric, having the right pipe, that’s why all of this matters. The faster you move the water, the less saturation to the subsoil.

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