Commercial French Drain Installation in Macomb and Oakland County, MI

Commercial French Drain - Oakland & Macomb County, MIWe’re putting in a commercial French drain system. This commercial French drain system is to handle a high volume of water. Unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of water that runs down into this building.  So what we’re going to do is pick up all that water. There used to be asphalt all the way to the door and the water just ran in. So, in a situation like this, you cannot have concrete or asphalt. It would take a couple of channel drains. And the best thing you could do is go ahead cut that asphalt out. The stone, believe it or not, slows down the water. The water gets moving with so much velocity and so much water that comes down this hill. It’s traveling at such a high rate of speed. So we have our first line of defense.

We’ve got a commercial French drain trench right there. And then, we’re going to have all this stone. Any water that gets by that, it’s going to slow the velocity of the water down, the stone does. And then, we have our second trench that will pick up any water that gets past our first trench.

This commercial French drain system, all the calculations have been made so that we have the right size trench to carry the vine of water that we’re gonna be moving. There’s over 200 foot of run here. So where we end up at a low point in the lot where all the water will be discharged.

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