Why Contractors and Homeowners Need to Communicate

Canal Filled with Water10 days ago I shot a video standing right about here. And we were talking about how we are digging a canal and we were working night and day. I was on the night shift because working the dirt was great. It was a dream and as a contractor that’s been working dirt for three decades, I knew let’s get this dirt up and out of this hole. This canal is to help drain this property as well as we needed the dirt for a road. So you know, that’s twofold. That’s normal out in the country.

But to my point, it’s now rained for five days and I mean we’re shut down. There’s so much water. I mean we didn’t intentionally build a waterfall, but there’s going to be a culvert pipe here. We didn’t get any culverts in or nothing. We still got all the finished grade to do. We just got rough in. But my point of making this video, I know we need all next week. We got some good dry weather coming. The future cast out a week looks great, but I know that the first sunny day where the skies are no longer gray, they’re blue and the sun shining, everybody is going to be calling. Look at this. Everybody is going to be calling. Where are you? Not only are we five days behind, but we have to let the job sit and dry out.

Now, homeowners, this is just a video for everybody involved. Homeowners, good communication with your contractors. Keep that in mind. You want to sympathize with the contractor, but you also want them to know, hey, we don’t want to lose our place on your schedule. I understand that. And contractors, I highly recommend after more than 30 years of doing this stuff, if you’re in the landscape business or construction business, outdoors, you’re in the dirt business. You know, we can’t work mud only a fool works mud. And I’ve been a fool in the past. In my younger years, I would try. Homeowners, I’m going to tell you something, forcing your contractor to work in conditions like this, you’re not going to get the job you want. So contractors and homeowners, good communication.

Now contractors, get somebody that can manage your schedule and keep you organized. And be the in-between because you’re frustrated because of the weather. The homeowner’s frustrated because of the weather. And you know what happens? Sometimes people say something that they didn’t mean it is just in a moment. And now guess what? That relationship between contractor and client is compromised, unfortunately. So good communication.

We have the lovely Jen in our office that tries to reason with people in these conditions and then we do our best to do what we can for our clients. But a video for everybody. Good communication let’s all just get along. And you know what I am? I’m not bummed at all, man. We, we ran two shifts while the dirt was great to work and man, we got a lot done. So I’m happy. I’m right where I wanted to be.

All right guys, until the next video.