What is a blind inlet?

What is a blind inlet?

Blind Inlet

Thousands of gallons of water comes down this driveway. Then you have the downspout right there. A lot of roof water, driveway, water, roof water. Everything’s meant to go in between the homes and the swale and drains, so it’s an insane amount of water. So what we did is we have two parallel pipes of Baughman Tile High Octane going down the property line. And right in the corner where it’s just seeing whitewater, it’s crazy. We have a 24 x 24 blind inlet.

Now the pipes are here, two pipes and then all the soil was dug out. The guys went ahead and put in the filter fabric and then an inch and a half cobble, real large rock. This grate is to keep debris, leaves, sticks, things like that they can just hit with a blower. In time, there’s going to be enough sediment and fines because of all the garbage that washes off the rooftops and off this driveway.

There is a four-ounce punch for high flow. That’s what our fabric is, it’s four-ounce non-woven filter fabric and it’s punched. So it flows better than anything out there. We actually have it ran through that process twice to get the flow rating where it’s at.

So there will, there will come a time where you can just lift this. This is for debris, but you can just lift this and then replace the filter fabric and you know, years down the road, years down the road. But right underneath that is just all stone. That’s a blind inlet.

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