Washington Twp., MI French Drain Installation & Gravity

French Drain to Marsh in Washington Twp., MIWe’re in Washington Township, Michigan – Macomb County right now. Doing a French drain, about 300 feet of pipe. Got another semi stone on its way.  We ply wood into the properties. We like to leave them as we found them. Because we’re moving so much dirt and bringing in so much stone there’s a lot of traffic. There’s several hundred trips in and out.

We got our mini excavator feeding our two Ditch Witch Operators and a Power Buggie. We ran parallel plates. We had to go 16 inches deep. You can see they’re already filling up with water. Saturated sub soils. Trenches are doing their job, they’re working great. They’re going to get the stone and pipe and fabric in later. Right here’s a marsh area. Where do you take the water?  Been through the whole marsh area, did a bunch of scouting.  We shot a bunch of topols.  The low point is the covert over here.

This is our benchmark, we can’t go any lower than that. Now we’re gonna clean that up and then it will need to be maintained periodically. But what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up our drain to where it runs right to a big hole full of coarse wash rock. The pipe is going to end at this basin. I drilled a bunch of half inch holes in this basin. This will be buried in the stone wrapped with fabric. I don’t want any of these debris in this marsh area to contaminate our drain. Basically we just ply wood into the marsh, makes it a lot easier to get the equipment in to get the dirt out.

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