Oakland Township, MI:  French Drain System Completed

Oakland Township, MI French Drain System CompletedWe’re in Oakland Township, Michigan. Yesterday we installed the French drain system between two homes. Between two homes and suburban lots that’s where water collects. If its heavy soil, and has a little bit of slope, it needs some help. It needs some help getting water out of there. So when you mow the lawn it’s not spongy soft. Sometimes it will actually hold water between the houses. In this case we had a retention pond to take this to which is great. We did this yesterday, we’re here to do some additional work today. But I just wanted to show just how neat and clean an install of our French drains are.

Now the sod knit together and you won’t even know that we were here, it will take a few weeks for the sod knit together. But we basically, right on the property line there put in a French drain. You can see that the trench was 16 inches wide. The depth did vary but the shallow was 14 inches and it rained about an inch and a half last night. It was the ultimate test for this system. There’s no standing water. I mean, I’m walking right on the soil. So basically, we ended up with about two feet of fall when we got to this point, real close to the retention pond.

Basically that is our discharge. I drilled out probably 50, half inch holes in that basin. Over-sized the dig, filled it full of pea stone, well, not pea stone, we used a 6A stone, the larger stone with larger voids. But yeah, it got a real workout. This was moving some water.

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