How to Remove Water from Playground with Baughman Tile 8 Slot Pipe

How to Remove Water from Playground with Baughman 8 Slot Blue High OctaneWhen you’re running drainage in a yard with a play area, you always want to make sure . . . The kids are coming in with their muddy feet. This was a mess when I saw this early in the season, there was so much mud on the playground here.

No fence. Neighbors got a fence, but this light doesn’t. I quoted from that corner down the property line across the back and up to that corner. It comes through about 170 feet. It’s a clean dig. That’s where we’re tieing everything into.

He’s really worried about what this is going to look like afterward. I’m telling you we might as well just run some feeder pipes in there and you can see them. Just the kids. I mean it’s jacked. Probably a feeder pipe and just go underneath that a little bit to get the water out. We’re here because of this. I mean look at the kids. How muddy, I mean, you know.

Alright, we’re running the Baughman High Octane. The guys are fast. By the time I got back all the stone was in, but I wanted to show you how we handle swing sets because I think it’s really important. Playgrounds and play areas, you have to go to high traffic areas. So the swing sets are right there. A blind inlet came off here and we’re just going to put a grate over that right here.

This is really popular to hold water in here. So you want to just tunnel underneath there, dig down a foot a, we’re 14 by 14 here and we’re going to put that grade over it after a pin, all the fabric, and whatnot. So then that’s gonna, that’s gonna take all the water really, really fast and High Octane is just going to move the water insanely quick.

So we went across the backyard in this house and we went up both sides. The whole lot is, it’s a large lot for city lot to be honest with you. So the slope gets lost when you carry it over more distance and turfgrass needs so much slope. It’s just insane how much the turfgrass needs for the water to actually find its way out. So unless you have a really, really steep slope, nice thick turf that we all love here in the north is going to hurt you. So we’re gonna do a blind inlet and the corners lot of water collects right here. So we want to keep up with that. We don’t want any issues. Guys are pinning in the fabric right now.

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