How to Move More Water in Your Underground Downspout System

Polydrain WYE and Downspout AdapterMarcello’s doing a downspout and we’re running it in the same trench as our French drain on the property line. So we have a WYE a Baughman Tile, the PolyDrain WYE fitting and then we have one of our four-inch grades because they fit so nice. So this is going to vent, this downspout, it’s going to be able to move a lot of water and you’re not going to end up with like air gaps.

What happens is you get air trapped down in your downspout system and if you don’t have any way of venting it slows down how much water you can actually move through your downspout from your gutter.

Look at that. They’re all nice and clean. That is. So what we do is we do a two by three by four gutter adapter to some Baughman Black solid. Then we go to a Baughman, the PolyDrain WYE fitting with one of our grates. That’s for a vent. And then you could pop it out with a screwdriver and you can run a garden hose through it once a year just to get all the shingle gravel and debris out.

Now we go right into our solid virgin yellow and there’s no perforations, guys, no perforations. So this is the virgin. You don’t end up with animals chewing on this. The virgin pipe does not attract animals the way the recycled does.

So we got our High Octane and we’re running our High Octane down the property line because there’s a drainage issue between these two houses. We’re taking this gutter downspout all the way to the street. Our average runs now on gutter downspouts because I get asked that a lot. You know, it does vary, but I want to say our average gutter downspout run is 30 feet. We want to get them as far away from the house as we possibly can.

All right guys, until the next video.