Introducing the ultimate solution for your downspout system: the Downspout Leaf Filter!

With our Downspout Leaf Filter, water flows smoothly without splashing or bouncing around, safeguarding your home exterior from damage caused by excessive water. It’s patented vent and removable screen make it low-maintenance and adaptable to your needs, allowing you to customize your filter for maximum effectiveness.

But that’s not all. Our filter also features a removable center, allowing you to run a camera, garden hose, or heat cable through it with ease. And with a universal fit for any 4-inch drainage pipe, installation is a breeze.

Available in sleek black or classic white, our Downspout Leaf Filter is the perfect addition to any home exterior. Say goodbye to clogged downspouts and damaged home exteriors with our innovative and reliable solution. Order your Downspout Leaf Filter today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean and well-maintained home exterior.

FDM recommends black for those living in the North. Black gathers light and heats up during daylight hours to help melt freeze ups.

Slides inside:

  • 4″ Corrugated single wall pipe
  • 4″ Dualwall corrugated pipe
  • 4″ PVC SDR 35
  • 4″ PVC Schedule 40
  • 4″ PVC Schedule 30
  • 4″ Triple Wall septic field pipe
  • 3″ Corrugated single wall pipe
  • 3″ Dualwall corrugated pipe
  • 3″ PVC SDR 35
  • 3″ PVC Schedule 40
  • 3″ PVC Schedule 30