How to Grow Grass Like the Pros – Part 2

Washington Elevator Co - Washington, MIIf you have an Elevator in reasonable driving range, I highly recommend that you go to the Elevator. Believe it or not, most homeowners don’t even know what an Elevator is. and I can understand that if you grew up in a subdivision and not on a farm. They supply all the fertilizer guys with their fertilizer. They make it right there. They mix it as well as seed. So the farmers order exactly what they need for their crops and they’ll get that made at the Elevator.

This is the Washington Elevator in Washington, Michigan and I go there for all kinds of stuff. I will do a series on how to take care of your ponds and I go to the elevator for those products. So you can see this automated, it’s fully automated, it’s just unbelievable. This will continue to stack that pallet and then it’ll switch to the other side where they’ll eventually come with a skid loader or a Hilo, grab that pallet that’s done and replace it with just an empty pallet and it just keeps alternating left to right, left to right. So I just wanted to show you guys this.

If you go to the elevator, you’re going to save so much money and you’re not going to be tempted to buy those gimmicks on the shelf. When you go into the Home Depot and all these other places and they have this patch, lawn and all kinds of crazy stuff, you name it, anything they can sell ya, they got it on the shelf. You go to the Elevator and you’re only dealing with the real deal.

Now the fertilizer that I recommend is the 12-12-12 when you’re just starting out growing a new turf. So I picked up some 12-12-12 but I don’t like to put it down until the grass seed actually germinates and I’m going to put it down extremely light.

Again, I just wanted to show you this. I wanted to educate you about the elevators and see if you have one near you or just, you know, for nice drive on a Saturday, they’re usually open till noon on Saturday. So again, keep that in mind. Stay away from the gimmicks. Buy direct if you can go right to the Elevators. Save a lot of money.

All right, well we’ve got a hundred pounds of seed, some 12-12-12. The backseat is full of straw as well at the Elevator. Washington Elevator.

All right, so back from the Elevator. Got some topsoil under the tarp. The homeowner here has been on top of things, sprayed a couple of times. There was a couple of rounds, and then they raked anything that was like an inch or bigger for rocks out. You don’t have to worry about those little rocks. The half-inch, three-quarter inches long would go. Anything that goes between the rake tines, let it go. When this is a nice lush, thick one, you’re not gonna feel it.

So look at the back. Look at how beautiful this is. Look at how beautiful this is. Really nice. Put a layer of topsoil down. This is how you want to prep your yard. A nice layer of topsoil because we have all clay here, but we can grow beautiful, beautiful bluegrass. Just put a little topsoil down.

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