How to Grow Grass Like the Pros – Part 1

Buccaneer Plus - Earthway Spreader - Grow GrassI’ve had a few requests where subscribers wanted me to talk about how to grow really nice turf. So whenever the subscribers want something, you know, I set out to do it. I have a cousin, they just built a new home in Macomb, Michigan, and we’re gonna use her home. So this is a family member, my cousin and her family. So this is the front yard and we’ll walk in the backyard, but we’re going to spray everything down with Buccaneer Plus. You can get this at an elevator, you know that I buy it our local elevator, two and a half-gallon jug. It’s in a concentrate. I mix it six ounces per gallon.

And then this is key. This is key. I have no relationship with this company. We’re not a distributor of their product or anything. You definitely want, this is a bag that zips up that’s, you got a shoulder harness and we’ll show you how to use it as we move forward. But that’s a must. There’s a couple of things that I consider a must for success. That’d be one of them.

So they’ve already been working really, really hard. I like what they got here. They’ve been given it a really good rough rake. And I always tell everybody, if it’s a golf ball size or bigger, get it outta there. Cause you’ll feel it when you’re walking on your turfgrass. But don’t sweat the half-inch, three-quarter inch. Like you know, you get little stones like that. Anything that fits between rake tines. You’re never gonna feel it. You’re never gonna know it’s there. Don’t even worry about it.

So, see how the weeds are popping up. We got a spray. Now I know guys that know what they’re doing, they’re going to tell you this. Well, when the weeds pop through next year, when I weed and feed, I’ll get them. That is true. But the grass varieties, that’s a different story. So we have those here in the north. We don’t like this, these wide bladed grasses, these wild field grasses. Guess what? Weed & Feed does not get that. The only thing that gets that is vege kill.

Once you have turf growing and if you didn’t spray and kill all that nasty stuff, here’s a different variety right here. Nasty. See? So if you just rake everything out, put some topsoil down, seated and you leave that your Weed & Feed won’t get any grass varieties. It only takes care of weeds if it killed a grass variety, well then it would kill your grass seed. So spray and kill it cause there’s nothing worse than having beautiful, beautiful turf. And then you get these aggressive growing field grasses that pop up through your turf like three days after he mowed the lawn and they’re like already four inches tall. So vege kill twice. Do it once, wait five days, do it again.

I like to use a tracker. I’m going to bring her some waterfall dye for water features or pond dye. I like to put blue pond dye in the spray tank with the vege kill. So I can see where, where I spray it already. Because you can kind of get twisted around in the middle of your weeds. And then I like to use Dawn dish soap. And yes, it has to be Dawn. I’ve been doing it for 30 years, a good squirt of dawn and every pump sprayer. And now if like a rainstorm comes through the poison, the vege kill won’t wash off. So that’s a safe vege kill that’s safe to use. And you can grow grass 10 days after putting that down.

So when they get the topsoil spread and we get to the point of seeding, I’ll be back and I’ll fill you guys in, keep you going so that you have success in growing your own turfgrass.

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