How to get Your Baughman Tile Delivered

Baughman Tile orders ready for shipping

Baughman Tile orders ready for shipping

It’s Sunday night. I’m getting ready to shut the shop down, but I just wanted to show you what the guys put together for Monday. Look at the High Octane, look at the inlets in the High Octane.

These backflow preventers. They also keep chipmunks and snakes out. And this is the only thing that I know of that keeps chipmunks and snakes out. So we love these and somebody else seeing the value in it. So here’s all, they got a couple of them.

Here’s the punched filter fabric and you can see the inlet. Crazy, crazy, crazy. So, and you know the Baughman Premium Yellow for agricultural. I mean the inlet is less than the Baughman High Octane, but if you don’t need to move as much water, a lot of people don’t have a water problem that calls for the Baughman High Octane.

You know, obviously, you know, we talk about it all the time. This is the race car. This is the funny car. This is your 200 mile an hour drain pipe. You’ve got 17 and a quarter inches squared of inlet per linear foot. And don’t forget your premium 4″ corrugated yellow drain pipe with Baughman. This here has 11 and a half square inches per linear foot. And you can see the difference when you go up to the Baughman High Octane. This is the pipe with the most inlet.

You can see the punched holes, I can feel the punched holes in this fabric because we ran it through twice and the flow rating on this fabric is insane.

So we got PVC to corrugated two of them. We’ve got some wyes, internal couplers. So everybody’s putting together their DIY project and it’s, it’s beautiful to see. I mean we got somebody bought a lot of fittings that two boxes and that means the center of these coils are full.

When you receive your Baughman Tile cut these straps, these are banding straps and you just got to cut them. It’s super easy. This pallet wrap, it’s really easy to pull down. So when these show up, if you don’t have the means to unload these because the lift gate fee is bruising. I love this.

I just love this. Yes, a huge value in this and yes, everything. Everything made in the USA here, so French Drain Man would not be putting anything in the ground that was made in China. That’s not going to happen, so don’t worry, the tariffs aren’t going to affect us. All right, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. I love that. Look at this. That means the center of those coils are filled with fabric and fittings. They’re pouring out the top. We are making sure that we get your money’s worth.

The freight is what it is. You get a skid and you want to make the most of your skid. You can get four coils on a skid and we can pack the center with all kinds of goodies. I’ve got a couple of EZTees. The corrugated to PVC couplers. There’s a couple of there. Those are so popular. We got wyse. There’s your Baughman High Octane.

See, so somebody sees the value in the heavy wall of the Baughman pipe. That’s a Baughman solid right there. That’s great downspout material. When you can get a 2% slope on a pipe, this is your weapon. It’s great to work with. And you know, it’s nice you can do a hundred square feet if you have a long run without having to put a connector. And that’s pretty sweet.

So somebody who’s just getting tile tape and an end plug. I hope they didn’t cut corners and buy their fabric on Amazon because people call me all the time saying, I built my system just like you show and the water is not going through the fabric. Well, you know, if you’re buying fabric off the internet from some unknown source, it’s not a reputable source. Somebody that is a true drainage professional that adheres to the highest of standards where all the materials, all the materials are the top. It doesn’t matter if it’s our EZTees and we partnered up with the best of the best.

We’ve been married to the best of the best. And now we’re shipping it to you. And remember, we’re shipping it to you guys because you rang our phones off the hook and Jen, our office manager, couldn’t get her job done. Then I found out that Baughman Tile was having the same and we worked with Baughman Tile, talked with my rep. We were honored. We were honored that they gave us the job of distribution for the DIY. They are so crazy busy over there running literally millions and millions of feet a day and taking care of industrial and agricultural use for their pipes.

So this is how it goes out. So the liftgate fees are bruising. So you literally just cut these bands, they are really strong bands, but they cut easily and you just pull it off the pallet. And if you don’t want the pallet, you tell the guy, take the pallet. I have no use for it. And that’s how this works. So a lot of people been asking, do I need a lift gate? Ah, man, you don’t want to pay that lift gate fee. It’s expensive.

So. All right guys, I’m going to turn off the shop lights. I gotta get up early tomorrow. We got a lot going on and until the next video.

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