Farm Drainage Tile – Baughman AG (Agricultural) Pipe

Baughman Tile - Farm Drainage PipeI just wanted to share with everybody where Baughman came from, where they currently still dominate. Since 1883 they’ve been making tile for farm drainage, agricultural. Now they’ve entered the yard drainage. Thanks to all our subscribers. You guys kept calling, ringing their phone off the hook. Now they’re making the Baughman High Octane for yard drains.

Here are the jumbo coils in the four-inch they are 3,400 feet each coil. That guy’s got a trailer with a spool on it. He’s staying just ahead of the tractor. That’s a tile plow and that’s how quick you put in tile on the farm. So I just wanted to share this with you guys. You know Baughman Tile they run millions of feet per day and commercially it is being used everywhere.

When you’re watching the French Drain Man channel, we are taking things from the AG for drainage, agricultural. We’re taking things from our outdoor living spaces, our outdoor kitchens or outdoor bars, our resort-style landscapes that we’ve built for decades. We’re taking plumbing that stands, the cold, the freeze and thaw. And we did big commercial water features as well. So when you put these hybrid systems together and all these components, that’s what you get is what you’ve been watching on the French Drain Man channel. And we are going to continue to show you more.

All right, so if I get a lot of thumbs up, I’m going to keep showing you guys the behind the scene.