How to Burrito Wrap a Baughman High Octane Quad Pack

Baughman High Octane Burrito WrapSo the guys are pinning the fabric over the Baughman High Octane Quad Pack. Now our five-foot wide by however long you purchase, we got it in a hundred feet and we got it in 360 feet. So that five-foot width is the one that’s perfect if you’re going to do a burrito wrapped quad pack. It’s literally so perfect that we do not have to trim it cause you know we don’t want a complete overlap. So you see how they make it to the center and it’s just they’re knitting it together, they’re stapling it. It’s pretty sweet.

So this is the five-foot-wide fabric and the guys obviously working off a 360-foot roll. But you know we have it for you guys, for your smaller systems. It was a French drain grid and you’re going to burn through, you know, pipe and fabric.

So you’re best off to call the office, work a deal on a big 360-foot roll the five-foot-wide with four coils of the Baughman High Octane. Get your money’s worth on that skid pallet freight.

All right, guys, until the next video.