Gutter Adapter Tackles Common Drainage Problems 

Three-in-One Gutter Adapter Tackles Common Drainage Problems

When it comes to roof runoff systems, water velocity is key. Your roof runoff system should be designed to move water at maximum speed and safely discharge it away from your house. However, if your gutter adapter isn’t vented, you could lose the necessary velocity to clear the line and prevent clogs. That’s why we created the first of its kind, gutter adapter that’s a vented cleanout and a leaf filter all in one.


The Gutter Adapter That Does It All

Vents Downspouts at the House

You always want to vent your downspout system up at the house to increase water velocity. It’s like a gas can has a vent on it, and when you open the vent, the gas pours out faster. Vented gutter adapters increase the flow. We have a gutter adapter that connects from your gutter downspout pipe to your underground buried downspout pipe, and it’s vented. The air is vented at the top and filters out big leaves, twigs, and pinecones.

Patented Leaf Filter Catches Big Debris

Patented Leaf Filter Catches Big Debris

You don’t want to clog your pipe with organic material, so make sure to catch the big debris, like leaves. Our leaf filter does just with a unique patented screen on a hard angle so it can’t get clogged. The fluid dynamics are second to none.

It’s super easy to maintain your system using this vented cleanout leaf filter which keeps out all that organic material. Your in-line catch basin will catch the smaller debris like shingle gravel, tree seeds, and tree buds. Then it’s just going to flow right through the system. We want the water to come off the roof uninterrupted and flow freely to the pop-up emitter. That way, you’re not faced with a clog, resulting in a flooded basement or crawl space.

Low Maintenance Cleanout Option

Maintaining your system is as easy as removing the center of that screen and putting a garden hose down in the 90 to push the shingle gravel to the in-line catch basin. That’s it for maintenance.

Smooth wall 90 catches all the shingle gravel

Even a smooth wall 90 catches all the shingle gravel. It just falls off the roof. You have a vertical drop, and the water slams into a 90, changing directions and leaving all the shingle gravel behind. That vented cleanout has a nice removable screen, so it’s super easy to put a garden hose down inside and just work that shingle gravel down to your in-line catch basin.

There has been so much engineering and time spent to perfect this vented cleanout leaf filter. It’s three things in one. It’s a vent, a cleanout, and a leaf filter. It’s the first of its kind on the market and it’s brought to you by French Drain Man.

The Yard Drainage Experts, French Drain Man

French Drain Man has been the authority on roof runoff systems and yard drainage solutions for over 35 years. We’ve revolutionized the industry by creating powerful, low-maintenance options, like our downspout leaf filter, pop-up emitters, basins, couplers, and more! From designing roof runoff systems to move water at maximum velocity to using the best custom-built drainage parts on the market, French Drain Man ensures your buried downspout is built to last a lifetime.

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