Everybody’s very vain about what they put on their house. Homeowners don’t want an attachment to their home that draws negative attention to it. That’s why French Drain Man created the only downspout cleanout to hit the market. Instead of having all these fittings that look unsightly, you can now have a very clean vented cleanout. There isn’t anything on the market like it. First and foremost, this is a downspout cleanout, but we also built it as a leaf filter. Our innovative downspout cleanout provides a powerful drainage solution with a sleek design that gives homeowners several options.

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Two Color Options to Match Your House’s Trim

FDM’s downspout cleanouts come in two sleek color options that will blend effortlessly with the aesthetic of your home. For homeowners who live in the sunbelt region, we recommend the white aluminum downspout. The white option blends effortlessly with PVC for a polished, smooth look on the exterior of your house.

Two Color Options to Match Your House's Trim

If you live in the North, we recommend using the rich, piano black option. Downspouts are going to freeze up no matter what. The black gathers the sun’s radiant energy. It could be 10 or 15 degrees. As long as you’re gathering daylight, the black color will help thaw out your downspouts. But we understand if you want the white because it works with your white trim. That’s why we offer our downspout cleanout with two color options.

Innovative mold is making all of our products and tooling right here in the United States. Everything is being done in the USA.

Downspout Cleanout with Removable Screen

We designed our downspout cleanout with a removable screen, making it super easy to run a garden hose through your system. You just take the center of the screen out and a garden hose, camera, or a heat cable fits nicely into your downspout cleanout. If you don’t want a screen at all, you can easily snap the top off and remove it.

Just remember, if you remove the screen, you may end up flushing big organic material through your underground system. However, most people keep the screen in. You want to catch those big leaves, any branches that might end up breaking on the roof, floating down the gutter, ending up in your underground roof runoff system.

Installing Your Downspout Cleanout

We designed our downspout cleanouts to be a versatile, low-maintenance option for homeowners. Installing your downspout cleanout is simple. We have a two-by-three option that easily attaches to a two-by-three gutter downspout. It’s a beautiful, vented cleanout option.

We also have a three-by-four option that has a nice trim line. This’ll fit into anything four-inch. The gutter downspout drops right in, so you don’t need to seal or glue it. You simply put that male end into this female, and it snaps perfectly, with no risk of leaks.

As far as the riser, we recommend keeping it very short so that your downspout cleanout is kept low to the ground. Don’t cut your downspout off so high. While our downspout cleanouts look good no matter what, they do look better lower to the ground.

Maintaining Your Downspout Cleanout

Maintaining your cleanout is super simple. Every once in a while, you just grab the big organic material that it catches, and that’s it. Any debris, like shingle gravel or tree seeds, will wash through the system. That’s why we strongly advise you to keep the filter in there. We didn’t want a very fine screen catching all of that because that’s just going to plug. You can catch all that large organic material instead of sending it in your underground buried downspout system. If you have a freeze up or if the grass grows over your popup, you’re going to be able to vent the water at the cleanout.

Revolutionizing the Drainage Industry, French Drain Man

French Drain Man has been providing innovative drainage solutions to homeowners for over 35 years. We’ve revolutionized the industry by creating robust, low-maintenance solutions, like our downspout cleanouts, pop up emitters, basins, couplers, and more! From professionally installing roof runoff systems to creating custom-built drainage parts, French Drain Man provides powerful drainage solutions built to last a lifetime.

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