How Well Do Pop Up Emitters Work?

There’s no question that the number one discharge product in the drainage world is the pop-up emitter. But there’s also no denying that the number one problem with pop-up emitters is that the grass grows over them and then you can’t discharge your water. Well that’s no longer the case. We’ve come up with a turf restrictor plate. We build the pop-up emitter inside the turf restrictor plate. It’s stronger and it has a bigger outlet than any other pop-up emitter ever made.

Pop Up Drains Hold the Least Water

Do Pop Up Emitters Work for Downspouts and Yard Drainage?Through all of our years of building roof runoff systems, we have found that the small pop-up emitter holds the least amount of water. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to a clay yard where, when the storm is over, you don’t have that much water being held in a pop-up emitter. But the problem is the grass grows over a pop-up emitter quickly, and once you lose the ability for your system to daylight, you end up with a flooded basement, a flooded crawl space, a flooded garage, a flooded sunroom. You have to make sure the grass doesn’t grow over top of the pop-up emitter.

Now we tried switching to a 9 x 9 catch basin, and even a 12-inch round or 12 x 12 square basin so the grass wouldn’t grow over the discharge. The problem with catch basins is they just hold too much water. This is a problem in the north because they can freeze solid full of ice. So we now have a turf restrictor plate that we put on the 90 pop up emitter, and then we go ahead and put the pop-up flow gate top on after that. This prevents the grass from growing over top of where the drain system daylights. It’s also very easy to weed whip around the turf restrictor plate.

We now have our pop up and turf restrictor kits them available in multiple configurations:

Pop-Up Emitters and Turf Restrictor Kits

Unlike Big box stores that carry only the industry standard 4 in PVC SDR connection, we offer configurations for both PVC and corrugated in 3″ and 4″. Our corrugated pop ups come assembled with our New HDPE PVC to corrugated pipe adapter.

Pop Up Emitters are the Go To – As Long as Grass Doesn’t Grow Over Them

Do pop up emitters work? The answer is yes. But what’s the pop-up leading cause of failure? Grass growing over the discharge area.

Our turf restrictor plate stops grass and vegetation from compromising the point of discharge so you can use a pop up emitter without it becoming clogged.

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