Contractor Roundup for Spring 2020 of High Octane Run


Welcome to the French Drain Man channel. I’m Robert Sherwood and I’m here to tell you about the Contractor Roundup of all the people that have signed up for a hundred coils or more. Contractors all summer long you’ve been beating us up, and guess what? We’re going to do a run of High Octane in three weeks. You have three weeks to call Jen, or email at FrenchDrainMan AT We are out of High Octane for Contractors right now. I have some for my installs and I’m holding it close to my vest. We’re not going to operate on my money for the next run.

Contractors who are buying a hundred coils or more and as well as the Canadian distribution. I need you to call the office. I need you to get on our list. Again, you can email us FrenchDrainMan AT for more information.

All right guys, until the next video.